Thursday, February 24, 2011

clarification of reconciliatory.i hope so.

first of all,i didnt write to portray how mean you are to me, or trying to make you look bad. this is MY blog, so i write what I feel and what I want. i write what im going through, MY current issues. i can have my own freedom here, my own rights. its my blog anyway. people even defy the ISA in blogs, why must i oblige to you?

and secondly and most importantly,im certainly NOT still not over you. please. i swear on my mother's name, i dont want you back, no matter what you say or what people say. because youre happy where you are now and youre somebody elses girlfriend. and because i left you for a reason. i just dont like what we are now. why the animosity? i stated there clearly, im sad i feel like i lost a dear best friend. i think its quite straight forward and easy to understand?

and thirdly, to that 'friend' of yours, think about it, being nice goes a loooong way. for a change, why dont you try to fix it, rather than making it worse? if youre going to just make something worse next time, and you have no idea how to fix it, i suggest you just leave it alone. :)

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