Monday, September 27, 2010

25 minutes too late

somebody once told me, i always dwell upon the past, and be upset and curse at something that has happened when its already too late, instead of doing something about it in the present time before any shit happens.

n i regret that i didnt listen.

i didnt regret my decisions. i still think it was the right thing to do.coz i just had to.
but what i regret is the fact that there were so many things that went away just like that all those many promises,so many plans,so mant things,so many places; that went by unfulfilled,unattended and forgotten.n it was all out of my own ignorance and negligence.i was never really a good boyfriend, and i dont think i ever will be, but realizing this really just made me feel worse, the fact just became clearer to me now.and the pain too.

ive always prayed to allah that she'll find somebody worthy religiously financially spiritually (and perhaps physically :S) to mend the damage. and she seems happy now. cool new people,cool new friends,cool activities,cool events,by cool big names. things ive always wished i could give her before,but i didnt have it. i guess thats really out of my league. im glad that she gets a life that she deserves now. not like what she had before,having to use her money for me je everyday coz i had none of my own,and the same old shit everyday,same old places,same old faces,same old wonder we got lost from each wonder im not worth a good like the worst memory she ever had kot.padan muka kau habil.haha.

if only i had known before.but then again,im always 25 minutes too late.micheal learns to rock would agree with never learn.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Down the rabbit hole

Listen to the birds,
and dance to their chirps.
Tip toe down the wires, parachute with your shirts.

Look at the sky,
and taste the clouds.
Cotton candy marshmallows, with pink icing shrouds.

Smell the humid mist,
and inhale it's silence.
Tap your fingers on the breeze, send a note to the heavens.

Taste the rusty rain,
and kiss the blushing angel.
A sip after a toast, a gush after a trickle.

Touch the vigorous sprout,
and feel them whisper:
"Follow the lines on my trunk, and just dream forever".