Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the most magical moment in my life that started the rest,

a long, long time ago....
there was an ugly monster that lived under a bridge...it was a cursed creature being hated by people and spent his life alone...lovess...until one day, came a beAutiful young girl and broke the curse with pure love!-through friendster....harharhar....

such a lovely story indeed...i remembered how it started...n i kept it well to this day....a simple message that actually started it all... :)

i just love this message...no matter how many times i read it, i still get that funny little feeling that makes my heart flutter...


03/20/2006 8:30 am
Subject: well...
can i juz say hi? one mite think dat
there's sumthing kinda fishy going on
here, but sincerity is a factor in diz
situation... gosh, i'm babbling, sori...
anyway, well, hi there (^_^)

lovely...just lovely...the most fuckng cute and lovely message ever....sorry for the inappropiate use of words, but its d only way i cud express myself so honestly...d;

i love u so muc baby,n my love 4 u jus kept growing each day...(that my heart's kinda cramped up sometimes, especially in the left ventrical, that i'll need to spill some out so i can breath easily)...and it would never lessen, not in a lifetime, not ever...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

gundam is the new-er porn!!!

so i thought...soooo i thouhgt....no...no more boxes for me...now,im so fucking into GUNDAMS!!!

oowhhhyeeaaahhh baby...call me a nerd, call me a never-grow-up-kid, call me a toy freak, yeah whatever, fuck yourself coz im so into this shit now...heheee...

well i've been loving them since i was a kid, but i never really got the chance to have one.(i dunno why,coz i have all the other stuff...hmm).but recently theres been newer models and my love 4 them had just bloomed again like the first morning dew on a spring's morning!!!yay!!!

and theeeen,dayang omar and cot, my dearest darlings, bought me one for my birthday!!!yeah baby yeah baby...hohoho...best gileeee...n they bought me one that i really like pulak tu!i had damn fun putting the tiny little(sometimes annoying) pieces together...its not the big scale models,just a 1:100 so it's not as detailed as a larger scale models which has more parts, accumulation points, and well, it costs so muc more...damn...

so yeah...i love it...n i wanna say thank u sooooooooooooooo fuckng muc to:



and cot

i love u guys!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

boxes are the new PORN!

have you ever felt like...a cigerette...being smoked lazily on a hot and lazy afternoon...being held back and forth on each drag the smoker takes...and on that very long...long last drag,to the point that u'll feel the tiny tremble on the smoker's dusty fingers...uhh...and all u wanna feel at that point is being flicked.flicked away from that person u'r actually killing.away.and away.until u finally fall into a tiny puddle of last night's drizzle, and just hiss away.then, silence.

owh...that feeling.that ROMANTICISM!!!harhar...well...that's what u feel after mingling with corrugated boxes for days and nights and days again, and it goes on and on and on again and again....haihhh...

well,this semester thers an elective subject, and i decided to take furniture design(which i L-O-V-E), and the first project is a seating of 1:1 scale, and its a groupwork.meaning=we have to design a chair which can actually be used as a real seating and be tested by the lecturer on the submition day.well, its easy actually.the only prob is the material.corrugated boxes!aaargh!!!the main probis not actually bout designing it, or constructing it or anything, but its actually about FINDING A GOOD BOX!god i never thought looking for boxes would be something so fucking hard!!we spent hours(and not to mention,gallons of fuel) to look for boxes all over shah alam.cot(my group member) scouted his neighbourhood, nothing.i scouted mine, nothing.damn.we actually spent more time looking for boxes than actually designing this chair.

moral of the story is:
you'll never really realize how hard things are to find, unless when you really need it...
and that applies to everything in life, don't you think? (: