Sunday, May 24, 2009

when life catches up on you,and you werent even running.

Imagine a guy.running weakly.panting frantically.glimmering in sweat.wearing full sports gear.
adidas wristband that's soaked too much it's stating to get heavy, sleeveless Lakers jersey & shorts that's drenched in sweat,and a pair of running shoes with one of it's laces are dangling weakly on each slow and tiring strife of the poor guy's feet.

he actually felt that last push of hope when he ran up that hill(he remembered like there WAS a hill.was it?or was it just a flat muddy path?he must've been too tired too remember anything), he felt like that was the hardest part there was in that course, and told himself he could do it.just a little.a little bit more.and after that he can reward himself with a good rest, just for a while sohe can actually catch his breath again.he actually believed he he did.

so then he finally felt must be the height, he thought.hills have that effect u what u've learnt in standard 6th geography.his knees trembled.he knelt down to look at them, and saw the veins bulge at every throb his heart makes.his shoes seems worn out too.the thing here is:he cant actually remember,was it like that even before he started running, or was it because he ran too far already?because, he never actually used the shoes before in his life.ever.well mayb he did.but not this he couldnt remember.there's a lot of things he cudnt remember nowdays.he didnt even remember who he was before he started running.coz he felt he was somebody else now.maybe he's now harry, the guy who lives next door that likes to tell people only what they like.or even matt, the guy he used to live together, he was a bit nice though.but he would never thought of being jarred.he hated jarred.he was a foul liar.but people always loved him.coz they dont know his lies.

but whatever it is, while all of that rubbish are going through his head now(and yours too), he started to think to himself, how far is it now since i started?he wants to look back so much, but he actually liked the idea of lying to himself, by making believe he had gone far.fearing if he looked back, he'd be dissapointed.but somehow he felt sure too.he's THAT tired anyway.he must be far away now.

so then he turned.

the road was cars.nobody.only footsteps.lots of them, and most of them arent his.there mustve been lots of people before, he thought. he thought maybe he could catch he turned the other side, and quinched his eyes so tard till he finally saw them.and a sigh.they were miles away now.

the best part was: he just realised, that it wasnt even a hill at all. there wasnt any.the course was flat all along.and when he turned back the moment before, he actually even saw the starting line.


(to be cont.)