Monday, January 5, 2009

new year 'resolutions'?how bout 1024x680?can uh?

i REALLY have nothing to say right now, but i'll do wat i always did all this while, i'll just keep hitting on the keyboard as the words spill carelessly from the left side of my main issue here is, im hell...seriously...i mean, the new year has started, the new sem has started, classes have started, people are starting to get started, everybody's freaking starting to start something u know wat i mean??n im right here feeling static as hell...n i just dont know why...if i were to say i havent had enough good-holiday-time,thats bullshit, coz ive been digging in some good stuff while everybody else are doin theyre practicals...its just that...i think im just not in the mood yet,u, not 'in the zone' yet, to begin...well...watever i'll be beginning this year ( i cant seem to think of anything yet)

but what i DO know is, my so-called obsession n thirst for lewis carrol's adventures of alice have just been quenched when recently my sweetheart bought me the 'anotated alice in wonderland',where all the nonsense in the story are, quite weirdly enough, explained. i mean, who wouldve thought, that even the first goddamn line of the story would be something to be debated, as to whether the day was sunny or cloudy, and these fanatics had even gone poking around in the 1800's weather forecast's arcanes to freaking prove it!!!freaky huh?but all in all, its the COOLEST book EVER.i havent finished reading it yet, n i just only reached the caucus race, n i just cant wait to continue. but i left it at home. haih.

wait for me alice!